When is My Period Due? Find The Answer


It is essential to know when you are ovulating if you wish to have the best shot at getting pregnant. This is the crucial time of the month which renders you most fertile, wherein there’s a higher possibility of a sperm meeting the egg and successfully fertilizing it. However, keeping track and monitoring their period may not be an easy task to some, since it involves counting days on the calendar which may not be possible with busy schedules. Hence, the important question- ‘When is my period due?’ requires a quick yet precise answer. The solution to this will pinpoint when you can expect the start of your menstrual cycle. Knowing how to calculate it will give you much needed answers to this question and give you a rough estimate of when you are likely to ovulate next.

Thanks to technology, there is now a handy tool such as the menstrual cycle calculator which provides great help in acquiring knowledge about a woman’s period. Most of the available calculators are pretty simple and easy to use yet are able to yield accurate results. Knowing when your period is yet to start is not only for those who want to conceive but is also useful for many other reasons. It may be for the purpose of tracking dates which is ideal for a young girl who just started her period, or if you have been noticing irregular intervals. Being prepared is also a factor since you definitely do not wish to be caught off-guard and be in an awkward moment or situation. It also contributes when planning for vacations or visits to the doctor, and any other activity or event where you would not want anything to get in the way.

How to calculate your period?

Primarily, your must remember the date of your last period. This information comes with high hopes since almost any woman would be able to come up with the date easily especially when they experience regular intervals. It pertains to the start date or the first day and not the end of your period. The next step would be to consider the length of time in between your menstrual cycles. It varies though with every woman and is usually around 28-30 days or could even be just 25 days, so a gauge of the average length would do. This number would have a great impact on the results you will get as to the best time you can try for a baby. The length of your period itself may also be required, again an average of how many days your period usually lasts. For results, a menstrual cycle calculator should be able to give you the date when your next period will occur. Now that you know, you have a better idea of when your next ovulation is bound to take place and you will want to have intercourse a couple of days before it begins, and a couple of days after your ovulation period as well. It could be a challenge for some to do some remembering and putting efforts into knowing ‘When is my period due?’ but is surely worth it since you would be able to get answers and become pregnant with a precious child!

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