Weird Signs of Pregnancy Facts


Do you think that you are certain about your symptoms of pregnancy? Women do think that they can always be sure of when they are pregnant and when they are not. There are common signs of pregnancy which are obvious to all ladies who are pregnant but there are also weird signs of pregnancy which they may have never a clue about them. The usual signs of being pregnant include breast enlargement, frequent urination, fatigue, a taste of metal in the mouth, fatigue and mood swings just but to mention. During pregnancy, a woman’s body does undergo huge changes and most of them are unprecedented and it does come with a lot of stress and panic.The increase of hormones in your body system during pregnancy is what is attributed to trigger these massive changes. You should not worry of any changes but stay close to your doctor by informing him/her about anything you are experiencing.

The following are some of the weird signs of pregnancy :


During pregnancy, there is always an increase in supply of blood all over your body which causes vessels to expand. The blood vessels within the nose region may easily not withstand that pressure and this may cause it to burst thus causing nosebleeds. If you do have blood pressure, nosebleeds during pregnancy is something not to worry about.


During the second tri-semester of your pregnancy, breathlessness is bound to attack you though rarely. The diaphragm is usually pushed by the uterus during this period of pregnancy thus causing difficulties in breathing.Changes is hormone levels during pregnancy also play a role in causing the condition. Breathlessness will not last for long unless you are also a sufferer of asthma.


One funny thing about women who are pregnant and have allergies is that they may exhibit totally different experience. For example, if you were allergic to certain foods, when you are pregnant, that allergy may go away and vice-versa. If it happens that you are sneezing or sniffling a lot, this is one of those weird signs of pregnancy that should be a wake up call for you to consult your doctor. Why? Using specific drugs used to combat allergies during pregnancy may not be recommended hence a doctor’s advice is very important.


It is quite often to develop stretch marks during pregnancy which is common. There are some skin conditions that are unique to specific women and rashes are an example. During this period, your doctor will always ask you to visit a dermatologist who will give you proper medication that will clear them.


Constipation does happen during pregnancy but not diarrhea. There are women who beside exhibiting constipation, they can also complain of severe diarrhea. This is nothing to worry about but you should also understand that during your pregnancy, you will have certainly changed your diet and this will play a role in this condition. Over the counter drugs is the right remedy for this unless it prolongs where a doctor’s intervention becomes necessary.

These unusual signs of pregnancy should never send you into despair. Your doctor will always advice you all through. Other signs which are not common include snoring, depression and genital discharge among others.