Week By Week Pregnancy – More Focus on Every Change during the Pregnancy


For most couples, there would be nothing more precious than a new member in the family. Most of them welcome their new baby with plenty of happiness. However, every stage of a pregnancy tends to come up with worries and anxieties especially when the expecting mother experiences an unusual symptom. This is where week by week pregnancy monitoring comes into play. When we manage to monitor the pregnancy more frequently, it is more likely that we have plenty of time to decide the most appropriate medical treat when it is necessary. Every baby inside the womb is more likely to grow and develop every passing day. Monitoring the changes every week would be very useful to keep track the changes more distinctively. Moreover, there would be various symptoms emerging every passing week. We need to pay more attentions on those symptoms for the sake of the unborn baby as well as for the health of the expecting mother.

The complete of your pregnancy week by week are divided into three major trimesters. In each trimester, we usually have different symptoms of pregnancy. Keep your eyes closely on all the symptoms every week. Should you find anything wrong with the symptoms, you will have enough time to call for necessary help from your doctor. There are many different tools that are used to help us monitor our pregnancy week by week more easily. The pregnancy due date calendar has to be one of the most familiar tools for this particular monitoring purpose. Now, let have a closer look at the changes that mostly appear on each trimester.

What You should know about week by week pregnancy

The First Trimester

This trimester would be the earliest stage of the complete pregnancy phase. Many early symptoms of pregnancy occur on this first trimester. Many parents to be tend to be very anxious in this early stage since they still look for some kind of confirmation regarding to their pregnancies. Many expectant mothers were quite surprised in this trimester as they have to experience rapid changes in their body. Many of the early symptoms in this stage turn out to be quite discomforting for the pregnant woman. Other than that, many parents who actually feel worried since a number of birth defects mostly occur in this stage. That is why many health experts see this trimester as a very critical stage of the pregnancy

The Second Trimester

This second phase is mostly marked by the decreasing of early pregnancy symptoms while some physical changes start to show their marks. The stomach of the expectant mother is more likely to expand in this phase. There are a number of discomforting symptoms that take place in the second trimester and the expectant mother needs to take their doctor’s advice very seriously especially when it comes to taking the right diet. It would be very useful to help them reduce the discomforting symptoms.

The Third Trimester

This trimester is used by the growing baby to fit itself inside the womb as they are getting ready to be delivered. As we are getting much closer to delivering the baby, it is really important for the expectant mother to come up with necessary preparation. It is quite obvious that week by week pregnancy monitoring would be a clear guide to get you through the whole phases safely.