16 Trendy Maternity Clothes Ideas


Hello, beautiful ladies. As you know maternity clothing are special clothes specially worn by pregnant women. They are also available in a wide range of designs and styles. The trendy maternity clothes are commonly used as celebrity maternity dresses. Once pregnant celebrities wear pregnancy clothes in certain distinguished designs, the public will immediately imitate the designs and even they modify the designs to meet their own style or preference.

Trendy Maternity Clothes in Hollywood

The very first rank of the trendy pregnancy clothes for Hollywood celebrity is the black dress. It is the simplest yet gaining the most popularity among Hollywood celebrities when they are pregnant. They wear the black dress in a wide range of designs, from the simplest to the most glamorous one. Let’s take one example from one of the Hollywood actress who is recently pregnant, Coco Rocha, the Hollywood actress that looks elegant in her black dress during her pregnancy. She makes her appearance in the black dress maternity dress during the screening of Mad Man NY.

The second rank of trendy maternity dresses among Hollywood celebrities is the floral dress. As the floral motive can vary; the style and design also vary. The floral dress is usually mixed and combined with the non-pattern fabric in complemented colors. The Hollywood celebrities are able to maintenance their appearance during pregnancy using the combination of the floral dress that fits to their bodyline.

The third of the trendy pregnancy fashion is the chic yet stylist dress combined with a jacket or coat.  The top Hollywood actress and model, Fortia Freeman, adopted this style on her red carpet. She worn the maxi Ralph Lauren dress combined with a leather jacket.

The celebrities look so stylish even though they are pregnant. They mix the pregnancy clothes with some accessories to create a stylist look that inspires many trendy maternity clothes.

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