What You Need to Know About Teen Pregnancy


From a number of major issues in our social life, teen pregnancy has to be the one that we should worry about as more youngsters all over the world start showing more intimacy activities than ever before. Not only that it has become a major social problem in the United States, pregnancies in teens can be found in almost every country on the planet. Unlike most adults who can come up with a more responsible intimacy life, most teens tend to have intimacy based on peer pressure to be “cool” or “popular” among their community? Most of them are not well informed about the consequences of unprotected intimacy. It is almost certain that most teens are still unaware of the dangers of an active intimacy life and the fact that it can lead them to an unwanted pregnancy. Such a complicated situation is most likely to give them more stress and pressure as they certainly will have a hard time to tell their parent about this issue. Not to mention the guilt and shameful feeling they have to undergo that could lead them to psychologically-scared life.

Some Statistics You Need to Know

Many related people have come up with more updated statistics about teen pregnancy periodically. The obtained data would be very useful to show the tendency of this issue. Some reports have stated that the rates of pregnancies in teens throughout the United States tend to decrease. However, the numbers are still considered as the one of the highest pregnancy rates should we compare them to the ones in many other developed countries. Sadly, about ten percent of all births in this country are filled by young girls under 19. Only fifty nine percent of those pregnancies in teens result in birth and the ones with abortion results are twenty seven percent. When you try to figure out more statistics about this too early pregnancy, you will fully understand the significance of preventing such early pregnancies.

How to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

The rates of pregnancies at younger age are still pretty high; we should come up with a number of different approaches in order to keep them down. Teenagers are not ready for a pregnant condition whatsoever and they are not mentally and physically prepared for giving birth and even raise a family. However, they seem to be more and more familiar with dating and forming romantic relationships each day. Despite the fact that they are still too young for this, that will not stop them from engaging in intimacy activity and end up with a pregnant condition. One of the most effective approaches in preventing teen pregnancy age would be a proper intimacy education. Many people still believe that abstinence is the most effective prevention yet you just cannot hide the fact that more and more teens will have intimacy anyway. This is where a proper intimacy education comes into play. Making more teens pretty knowledgeable about intimacy activity and all its consequences would be very effective in at least preventing them from getting pregnant too easily.