Stages of Pregnancy: The Best Foods for Pregnant Women


Almost every woman on the planet dreams to be pregnant and deliver their baby whether it is naturally or helped by a certain medical treatment. Most of the time, a pregnancy will bring many changes on the life of the expectant mother. Not only that she will experience some changes in their physical appearance, most pregnancies will also change her emotional state. For most expectant couples, the fact that the women are pregnant will be welcomed with plenty of happiness. However, this situation may also bring lots of fear for many different reasons. In order to help you get rid of all those worries and fear, finding more information related to the stages of pregnancy would be a very useful approach. Every stage of pregnancy tends to come up with different symptoms. Not only that we have to treat them differently, we also have to be pretty knowledgeable about the best foods for each stage.

Almost all expectant mothers are very anxious when it comes to handling all the stages of pregnancy. They are mostly worried about the health of the future baby. They would do just about anything to have a healthy baby and deliver the baby in the safest way possible. During a pregnancy, it is very important to meet the food requirements including plenty of minerals, vitamins, and other useful nutrients. Since we tend to experience difference symptoms and growth levels of the baby, it is really important to understand that we need to provide the expectant with various types of foods.

Fill the First Trimester with Nutritious Foods Rich in Folate

The earliest stage of a pregnancy lasts for about three and a half months. Should you count it by weeks, the first trimester covers the first 14 weeks of the pregnancy. This is when most expectant mothers experience sore and swollen breasts, and dreaded morning sickness. In order to deal with these common symptoms or at least to reduce the uneasy situation, it is highly advisable that the expectant mothers consume ample of folate. These foods would be very useful to support the growth and the development of the unborn baby. You can find this nutrient in green plants, yeast, liver and fresh fruit.

Match the Second Trimester with Plenty of Iron Intake

This phase would be the easiest stage for most expectant mothers as they have plenty of chances to regain plenty of energy. You need to increase your food intake up to 2500 calories per day. Increasing the iron intake would be very useful for the fetus. You can find this nutrient in red meat and make sure that you also consume plenty of oranges for more effective iron absorption.

Plenty of Calcium on the Last Stage of Pregnancy

The unborn baby is more likely to be more active inside your womb and it is more likely that you experience a great deal of pain in your lower back area. The expectant mothers are that much closer to the breastfeeding period as well. Many health experts have made it clear more calcium intake is required by both the baby as well as the pregnant woman.