Pregnancy Symptoms but Negative Test Results?


You have been trying to get pregnant and your period is a week late. Excited, you buy a pregnancy test kit and take a home pregnancy test. To your surprise, the test comes negative. Worried, you try again after a couple of days, the test is still negative. Can you have pregnancy symptoms but negative test results? The answer to this question is yes. Many sexually active women do experience no period but negative pregnancy test. Some of the reasons for this include the following.

Why You Can Have Pregnancy Symptoms but Negative Test Results?

Low hCG amounts in urine

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone that produced by the woman’s body during pregnancy. hCG release begins immediately the fertilized egg implants itself onto the walls of the womb. This hormone helps to maintain a healthy pregnancy. The pregnancy test kit detects hCG presence in urine.

Every woman is unique. Some women might experience release of this hormone immediately after they miss their periods. For others, this may take a few days to weeks after the missed period. Remember, the fertilized egg can take up to one week to move down the fallopian tubes to the uterus. In addition, sperm can survive in the fallopian tubes for a few days. This means actual fertilization can occur days after intercourse. Taking this into account, it can be days before the fertilized egg attaches itself onto the uterus lining triggering release of the hCG hormone.

Timing of the test

Chances that your home pregnancy test will come out positive increase when there are high amounts of hCG in urine. During the day, urine becomes diluted when you drink water. In addition, it becomes saturated with different salts that are derived from the food you eat. Testing during the day therefore increases chances of your hCG levels being too low to get a positive test result.

The best time to test is immediately after waking up. The reason for this is that you haven’t had the opportunity to dilute your urine for at least 5 hours during sleep. Therefore, hCG levels in urine are very likely to be quite high. If you must test during the day, avoid drinking water for a few hours prior to the test.

Premenstrual Syndrome

This is a condition where women experience pregnancy like symptoms right before the onset of their periods. In some women, the menstrual cycle can be unpredictable. It can come late and be accompanied by symptoms the woman has never experienced before. Some of the symptoms you might experience include bloating, cramping, nausea, pelvic pain and, fatigue. These symptoms might be an indicator of the onset of your period. You will therefore get a negative pregnancy test result since you haven’t conceived yet.

Many women wishing to get pregnant will get a negative test result from time to time. Some will get the same results after more than two spaced tests and only get a positive result after the fourth or even fifth try. Although it’s considered normal to have pregnancy symptoms but negative test results if you aren’t trying to get pregnant, it can be worrying if you have late period but negative pregnancy test. It’s usually advisable to conduct tests for at least a week after missing your period. After this, get tested by a doctor to determine if there’s an underlying problem.