Molar Pregnancy Facts: Symptoms and Treatment


A pregnancy always brings plenty of happiness to the people who are expecting a new member of the family. However, there are a number of pregnancy disorders that we need to take pretty seriously in order to keep ourselves from any more severe health disorder. In every 1000 to 2000 pregnant cases, approximately a molar pregnancy takes place in a woman’s womb. At first, you might consider yourself lucky as you start showing some pregnancy symptoms. However, when you have a closer look deep inside your womb, you are not actually pregnant at all. In a molar pregnancy case, instead of having a new baby developing inside your womb, what it is growing inside of you is nothing more than a mole. Should you fail to manage this situation properly, it is more likely that you develop uterine or ovarian cancer. When you check this type of pregnancy using an ultrasound device, you will hear no heartbeat of a baby. Instead of it, inside your womb, there is a mole that looks like grape.

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What Are the Symptoms of Molar Pregnancy?
A molar pregnancy comes with a number of basic symptoms. One of the main symptoms of this type of pregnancy would be bleeding and spotting. These dangerous symptoms are mostly occurring in the early stage of the pregnancy. Many people actually consider these symptoms as an abortion. Other symptoms that come with a molar pregnancy are nausea, vomiting and increased hCG levels. This pregnancy disorder mostly comes with early pre-eclampsia. This high blood pressure condition usually takes place in the early phase of the pregnancy. Other than that, this type of pregnancy disorder is more likely to follow with no heart tones and lack of fetal movements. In some rare cases, the expectant mother tends to develop a thyroid disease.

How to Find Out That You Suffer This Pregnancy
Revealing a molar pregnancy condition could be a daunting task. Even when you experience one of those mentioned symptoms, determining yourself that you suffer from this disease could still be a misleading step. It is highly advisable that you go to your doctor each time you suspect that you experience this health disorder. Your doctor is more than capable in giving you a medical examination in order to come up with a more convincing result. Most doctors will come up with a gynecological examination in order to reveal this disease. Through this examination, a larger uterus or enlarged ovaries will be diagnosed. The laboratory examination will also check for the abnormal high levels of hCG in the patient’s body.

Most molar pregnancies end up in miscarriage cases. More complicated problems will appear should the molar pregnancy end up in different manner. The uterus has to be cleaned by curettage. Otherwise, the expectant mother must undergo a medicated abortion. Considering the dangers of a molar pregnancy, it would be best if you check on your pregnancy condition especially at the early stages.