Kids Fashion Idea from Harper Beckham


Harper Seven Beckham is a good source for kids fashion inspiration. She’s the youngest child of famous David Beckham and Victoria Beckham. The Beckham couple is well-known as celebrity with gorgeous style. Moreover, Victoria Beckham is a successful fashion designer who always gets praised for her latest collection. Of course Victoria want to make sure her little girl always looks as chic as herself. Even Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine gave positive comment for Harper’s style.

Stylish Kids Outfits

From head to toe, Harper Beckham could inspire adorable kids clothing for any children in the world. Although only 3 years old, she has invited to many world class fashion show. For example, Burberry Fashion Show in Los Angeles. In that occasion, Harper wore Burberry sleeveless frock in honey color. Her dress is mini version of iconic Burberry’s trench coat. On the chest area, four black buttons beautify the dress sweetly. Trench belt sewed around waist area, just like the real coat for adult women. Really simple kids urban fashion every kid could imitate.

Good dress would not be complete without proper shoes. Certainly, Harper wore matching shoes as well. Enchanting black shoes look fit well on her little feet. Although did not wore stocking, her overall kids clothes appearance still look well on the glamorous fashion show. She looks like cute doll when sat on her daddy David’s lap. Harper also didn’t wear any accessories. However, she still stole spotlight on that show even though there were many Hollywood celebrities presented on the Burberry show.

Chic Kids Outfits

Not only for any formal kids clothes, has Harper also looked adorable on informal agenda. Just like when she was in LAX airport, she stole spotlight one again. She wore blue silk dress with floral motifs from Burberry and Chloe sandals. The two tone Chloe sandals look more awesome on her tiny feet. The blue dress made her look fresh on the night. Surely, she becomes trendsetter of kids clothes with appropriate kid’s dress.

So, we’ve Gathered more kids fashion that inspire us with the cute style and appropriate to the age of our children. Take a look!

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