15 Fabulous Kids Clothes for Your Inspiration


As a royal baby, Prince George always has charming kids clothes for any occasions. Since his born day, Prince George has become popular figure all over the world. This condition is due to the fact that he’s the third line to the United Kingdom’s throne after his grandfather, Prince Charles and his father, Prince William. Moreover, he has a very stylish mother, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. Her fashion style always has positive reviews from fashion police. No wonder if her baby boy always gets kids trendy clothes every day.

Fascinating Kids Clothes

If you need kids clothing references for your baby boy, you could get inspiration from Prince George. He looks super cute wore a blue Cath Kidston waistcoat. The blue waistcoat has three Palace Guard embroideries on the front side. As a United Kingdom’s prince, George always uses a British style for his daily clothes. Behind the blue waistcoat, Prince George wore Polarn O. Pyret’s white top.

If you want the same kids outfits ideas for your baby boy, you only have to pay twelve poundsterling for the white top. It’s made of pure organic cotton, so don’t be hesitate about its comfort. The chic kids clothes completed with navy blue bloomer from Amaia Kids. From same brands, Prince George wears dark blue knit socks in thigh length. The Amaia knit made of good quality wool, so it would not cause itching or allergies for your kids.

Classy Kids Outfits

His overall looks completed with proper shoes. Prince George’s casual appearance looks more appealing with Start-Rite Jo First Walking Shoe. The black shoes made of good standard navy leather. Its leather materials are made the shoes has great water resistant. So, you could let your kids walking in the rain or play in the puddles with this leather shoe. These shoes have leather strap with stainless steel lock. The future king of England’s kids clothes really gives valuable inspiration for toddler boy style.

image source: pinterest