First Response Pregnancy Test for a More Accurate Result


Every pregnancy is always taken very seriously. Many couples are more than happy to learn about the pregnant condition. They just cannot wait to welcome a new member of the family. Most of the times, we are so anxious when some symptom of pregnancy occurs. However, we should postpone our happiness as soon as we learn that the symptom is nothing more than a false alarm. Instead of guessing the indication of the signs that we have, a pregnancy test offers more certainty. It is designed to help you figure out your pregnant condition more accurately. The market is now filled with a plethora of pregnancy test products, and the first response pregnancy test should be a reliable solution to help you determine your exact condition as soon as possible.
Thanks to the inventions and developments in this industry, we can now detect a pregnancy even days before our missed period. However, only 1st response pregnancy test that can come up with an accurate detection as many as six days before you miss your period. Unlike many other pregnancy test products, I think this pregnancy test is designed to detect levels of pregnancy hormone up to six days before the missed period. Surprisingly, this accurate pregnancy test is capable of detecting hCG levels as low as 6.5 mIU/ml.

More about First Response Pregnancy Test and Its Accuracy
The fact that first response early result is much more sensitive that any other similar product has empowered this test to come up with a more accurate result. There are many different pregnancy test products that you can easily use at home and most of them can only detect the levels of hCG around 20 to 25 mIU/ml. You need to understand that any woman who has 5 mIU/ml of hCG level is considered pregnant. However, you need to keep in mind that not all women come up with enough hCG levels in their urine six days prior to the missed period. Thus, despite the fact that the First Response pregnancy test is able to detect a pregnancy six days before the missed period, it does not mean that it works on every pregnant woman. In other words, this accurate test might come up with a negative result in spite of a pregnant condition. This sort of failure is caused by a number of different reasons. It is a fact that the hCG level and the how long the fertilized egg takes to reach the uterus vary in all pregnant women.

These days, we have too many pregnancy test products in the market and many of them can be used on your own easily. If the accuracy of the pregnancy test is your main concern, it would be best if you rely on high quality and highly reliable pregnancy test. If you wish for a more convincing result, it is highly advisable that you follow the result of the First Response pregnancy test with a statement from your doctor.