Early Signs of Pregnancy and Symptoms


Detecting a pregnancy can be done very early these days. Many health experts have made it clear that it takes about a week for a fertilized egg to implant itself in the uterus. Once this early process takes place, a number of early signs of pregnancy will follow. However, when you experience any of these early signs that do not merely mean that you have no pregnancy condition. You need to understand that many women on the planet who do not experience such signs despite their pregnancies. When it comes to detecting the signs of pregnancy, many women simply see a missed period as a definite indication to a pregnancy condition. In fact, there are many other early signs that usually take place even before you miss your period.

Let us find out more about these early signs of pregnancy below

  1. Swollen Breasts: Before you miss your period, you can also detect your pregnancy condition through a number of early signs. Swollen breasts that are mostly followed by tenderness are also recognized as an early signs of being pregnant. This sign normally appears so close to the conception. This early sign would be an indication that our body has started to prepare itself naturally to welcome the arrival of the future baby. Swollen breasts are also a clear indication of your readiness to feed the baby.
  2. Feeling Tired More Easily: At the very early stage of a pregnancy, many women who feel tired quite easily. Many of them feel less energetic than their usual condition and it should be seen as an early sign of pregnancy rather link it with some other conditions. When a pregnancy takes place in your womb, you are more likely to have some changes in the hormones. This situation will lead you to feeling less energetic that your normal condition. The chemistry of the body and the activity tend to change as well. This condition is also responsible for the tiredness that you experience. It is quite often that many pregnant women tend to relate their tiredness and lack of energetic feeling with some other situation, while in fact; it is one of the earliest indications of a pregnancy. The best thing you can do when you feel very tired and less energetic would be to indulge yourself with more sleep and rest.
  3. Nausea: Another common sign of a pregnancy that has been quite familiar to many people would be nausea. However, many people tend to associate this condition with other things like stomach flu or even food poisoning. At the early stage of a pregnancy, nausea tends to continue and does not subside after quite a while. This sign is often followed by the feeling of increased hunger. When you have an embryo growing inside of you, your appetite is more likely to increase. It would be a natural effect that indicates your body requires more nutrition.

There are a number different signs that indicate that you are at the early stage of a pregnancy. In order to convert these early signs of pregnancy into a reliable confirmation, it would be best if you come up with a pregnancy test.