Early Signs of Pregnancy Cramping FAQs


Most of the women are well acquainted with the early signs of pregnancy crampingAre you wondering if you are pregnant? For sure, the best way to confirm this is by doing a pregnancy test. However, there are also early symptoms that may help us determine the possibility of conceiving a baby, and one of which is cramping. You may experience tummy cramps during all stages of pregnancy and this is normal, unless if there is severe bleeding and the pain is already unbearable.

What is cramping and how does it feel during pregnancy?

Cramping during pregnancy can be an uncomfortable feeling as it generates pain in the abdomen where you may experience pulling sensations on both sides of your tummy.

You may perceive your early signs of pregnancy cramping to be the same as the tummy pain you feel during your menstrual cycle. You will feel the same pain on your tummy and some may even experience a little spot bleeding. Cramping and spotting are common signs of implantation, which means that the fertilized egg is already attaching itself to the uterus lining. Spotting disappears in a matter of two to three days but abdominal pain retains.

Cramping During Early Pregnancy and its Typical Causes

This happens during your first trimester or first three months when you are starting to feel physical changes in your body which is basically in preparation to accommodate the baby you will be carrying for 9 months. Below are the typical causes of cramping during early pregnancy:

  1. Implantation is the primary cause of cramps. This happens when the embryo begins to implant itself into the wall of your womb. Some may experience a little bleeding during this stage while some do not.
  2. You will also experience abdominal pain when you are having an orgasm during intimacy. You should not be worried about this unless your physician tells you so.
  3. You may also experience cramping or sharp pains in your groin whenever you do or change your bodily movements such as standing up or stretching.
  4. You will also feel stomach pain when the uterus starts to expand. The muscles and ligaments that support it start to stretch which mainly cause the pain. The changes can be often felt whenever you cough or sneeze.
  5. Gas and bloating can also be often felt during early pregnancy. These two cause cramping as well because from time to time, you will be burping or belching to release the gas inside your body.
  6. Cramping can also be felt if you are constipated. During pregnancy, you may experience this due to a number of reasons such as anxiety, low-fiber diet, physical exercise and worry. If you are constipated, it will cause tummy pain due to the tension brought by the expanding uterus to the intestines.

 Other Causes of Cramping during Early Pregnancy

Aside from the above-mentioned factors for having cramping during the early days of pregnancy, there are also other reasons that you need to be aware of. These situations need careful attention and professional help as soon as possible.

Ectopic pregnancy

As the normal pregnancy occurs when the embryo plants on the walls of the uterus, this kind of pregnancy happens when the egg plants itself outside. This is a serious condition though this cannot be detected easily. If you feel that the cramping is severely painful, call your doctor immediately to have yourself checked.

Chemical pregnancy

This is actually an early miscarriage that cannot be detected unless checked and tested. However, a common sign would be if you keep getting false positive and then negative pregnancy tests after a week or two and that you will menstruate on time or a bit late.


Severe cramping may be experienced in this type of medical condition. Aside from that, moderate to heavy bleeding occurs. The pain can be excruciating and the one experiencing this must be brought to the doctor immediately. This is quite different from chemical pregnancy in a sense that this often occurs during the 13th to the 20th week of your gestation.

Treating Early Pregnancy Cramps

If you experience early signs of pregnancy cramping, there are a couple of things that you can do to alleviate the pain:

  1. Soak yourself in warm baths.
  2. Wrap a hot water bottle and then place it to your aching tummy.
  3. Drink plenty of fluids.
  4. Try to do exercises that would relax you such as deep breathing or merely just changing your position from time to time.