Early Pregnancy Symptoms for an Early Confirmation


For any woman on this planet, pregnancy calls would be one of the most beautiful phases in their life. In order to make us more aware about the existence of a future baby in our womb, a pregnancy comes with early symptoms. Early pregnancy symptoms could be the source of joy, these early symptoms can make us pretty anxious as well. Some women seem to be unaware of these early symptoms and they might jeopardize the life of their future baby. When it comes to a new member of the family, we certainly have to come up with a proper preparation. When we are pretty knowledgeable about the early signs of a pregnancy, we might be able to tell to what extent our pregnancy is normal. That way, anytime we find any abnormality of our pregnancy, we can immediately notice it and have a necessary consultation with our doctor.

For the sake of our baby as well as the health of the pregnant lady, we should be able to recognize the early symptoms of a pregnancy. Such a useful knowledge will give you the capacity to recognize the difference between real pregnancy symptoms and the ones that have no relation to any pregnant condition. Should you fail to detect your pregnancy, you might be too late in making a proper preparation to welcome the new member of the family.

What Are the Early Pregnancy Symptoms?

In general, there are a number of early signs that may lead us to a pregnant condition. It is really important for you to have a better knowledge about this issue. When you find something unusual during your pregnancy, you can recognize the trouble much earlier and rush to your doctor immediately for a necessary medical action.

Missed Periods

One of the most familiar early symptoms of pregnancy would be missed periods. When your periods have crossed the due dates, it is about time for you to start feeling anxious and tizzy. It is quite obvious that missed period is seen as a prominent indication of a pregnancy. Therefore, when you experience this situation, it would be much better you come up with a pregnancy test or even call you doctor.

Implantation Bleeding

When your egg gets fertilized, it will implant itself to the uterus wall. In the early stage of your pregnancy, you might find some genital spotting. You should not be too worried about it as implantation bleeding is one of the early symptoms of a pregnancy.

Abdominal Cramping

This sign happens to many pregnant women as many of them experience cramping pain and contraction in their uterus at the early stage of their pregnancies. This symptom is very similar to what you have during your periods.

Other than that, many women who actually experience morning sickness, tender and swollen breasts at the early stage of their pregnancies. If you experience all or only some of those early pregnancy symptoms, you might need to provide yourself with a pregnancy test kit. For a more convincing confirmation of your condition, you might as well go to your doctor.