Can Pregnancy Tests be Wrong?


Can pregnancy tests be wrong? Most women confess to being angered by pregnancy tests. In most cases, women optimistic of being pregnant are highly disappointed by the results indicating that they are indeed not pregnant. Similarly, women who do not wish to have a pregnancy would also feel disappointed by a pregnancy test informing them that they are pregnant. The question arising for such circumstances is to determine is can pregnancy tests be wrong?

Can a home pregnancy test be wrong?

False positive pregnancy test

Although home pregnancy tests are made to be accurate, they still have a 2% or 3% chance of being wrong. Some of the main factors that that could lead to false positive pregnancy test include:


Medications with high levels of phenothiazine are most likely to give false positive pregnancy results. Phenothiazine causes a woman’s urine to have high levels of protein and blood which consequently affect the pregnancy test the wrong way.

Early miscarriage

Miscarriages that occur too early in the pregnancy are termed as chemical pregnancies. In cases of chemical pregnancy, the test correctly determines that you successfully conceived but the miscarriage occurs in time for the next menstrual cycle.

Improper administration of the test

Some pregnancy test kits could indicate a positive result if you wait for too long. It is therefore integral that you accurately read the test kit’s manual and follow the steps accurately as indicated. Any error could alter the results hence offering you the wrong results.

HCG Trigger Shots

Fertility specialists offer women hCG trigger shots in order to enhance their chances of conceiving. In case you are under the shots, it is important to wait for 14 days so that the trigger shots completely clear from the system. It a test is carried out before the 14 days, the test could wrongly indicate positive results for pregnancy.

False negative pregnancy test

False negative pregnancy tests occur less often than false positive pregnancy tests. Some of the reasons why a pregnancy test could falsely indicate negative include:

Low sensitivity of the test kit

If you are conducting your pregnancy test soon after ovulation, it demands that the test kit be highly sensitive. Low sensitivity of the kit could offer false negative results.

Diluted urine

Frequent urination or drinking a lot of water could reduce the hCG level in your urine. Such cases could lead the test it to false negative results. In such a case, it is important to wait till the nest morning and carry out the test first thing in the morning.

Testing too early

Too early testing is the main reason for false negative pregnancy tests. In order to get accurate results, conduct you test seven days after ovulation.

Prior to determining can pregnancy tests be wrong, it is important to note that pregnancy tests are basically categorized into two. There are blood and urine blood tests. Blood tests are considered more reliable and are mostly administered by a physician in a hospital setting. Urine tests on the other hand can easily be carried out at home by the patient themselves. Inaccuracies could occur as false positive pregnancy test or false negative pregnancy test.