15 Cute Baby Girl Clothes for Happy Baby


New mom would be excited to buy baby girl clothes for their dear baby. Mother would spend more money for clothes if they have baby girl. It’s like have new cute doll to beautify and dress up. No wonder if new mothers will come out from baby store carry many well-designed baby dress. However, baby girl have to dress up appropriately. You could not choose the mature dress designs for baby girl, because it would take away natural cuteness of your baby.

Stylish Baby Girl Clothes

You have to buy baby girl clothing only at trustworthy shops. For instance, Carter’s baby shop who sold their product on online store. They have many trendy baby girl clothes collection suited for baby girl. Moreover, they have affordable prices so you could save more money for your baby’s future education. Just take a look at their Dress & Romper Set sold for only US $14! You could fall in love with this baby clothes for girls set immediately.

With that price, you already get one tank-style frock, one diaper cover, and one sleeve romper. They really know about baby safety as their newborn girl clothes always have safety guarantee. The above set is nickel free, and made of pure cotton jersey. It could be simply washed using washing machine, so it does not need complicated treatment like other baby clothes brands’. The little dress comes in fresh green color and white stripes. The sleeve romper has same cool design with the mini frock, mild red with butterfly motifs. Even cutest baby would look cuter wearing such wonderful infant girl clothes!

Comfy Baby Girl Outfits

Another interesting product from Carter’s is Jersey Dress set. For only US $ 17.00, you would get one cap-sleeve dress, one diaper cover, and one tank-style frocks in awesome design. The clothes also made of good standard cotton jersey and could be washed with washing machine. So, you could get high quality baby girl clothes with reasonable prices.