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Then it directly to the protection forcewhole body torn apart,discount, although that power can be cut off from the outside of the space forces, but in the case of the soul force and blood from inside cheap ray ban wayfarer the crystal valuedestruction. Baidu search, but there is no ability to resist direct damage will be Xiao Yuexuan clean. The space around the edges of the body are attacked towardover, the momentbody has been destroyed almost half, Xiao Yuexuan had turned through arm apes, this space is " chaotic " flow down from space, " chaos " flow even violent,

And this man-made space channels,sale, although with protection force matrix method, the space can be completely cut off from power, but " chaos " is a very strong flow of outside space, protection force once FIGHTING be destroyed, then space new ray ban wayfarer " chaotic " flow much too violent than the naturally formed Chuansong Zhen, Xiao Yuexuan four hundred eighty times even ordinary people 's body is too much, had turned through the arm and apes, and even turned through arm apes,body still continue to be destroying,

After a few minutes,apes through arm fast form can not ray ban aviator sunglasses for men be maintained when the law has once again Chuan Songzhenaround the body to form a protective cover, and do not change a Nineto ensure the safety of their own lives,immediately began to restore their blood and soul crystal values ​​force value, after a few minutes,status ray ban for kids has been adjusted to the optimum state, and then the anti- Hu cheap they will destroy the strength around the body off again, with around that silver " color space power " to hone their flesh, their own immortal body of evolution.