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Policy Declaration on Women in Education and Teachers' Organisations:


The Education International First World Congress meeting in Harare (Zimbabwe) from 19 to 23 July 1995 declares:


Basic principle


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights and should enjoy equality of opportunity in law and practice. Education should be a major means of achieving this goal.



  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Objectives
  • Achievements 
  • Achieve gender equality in teachers’ unions, education and society as a whole.
  • To build a strong, proactive, visible and viable network of women in South Asia to promote and achieve gender equality in teachers’ unions, education and society as a whole.
  • Organize, unite and unionize women teachers...
  • Mobilize, support and encourage women to become more involved and active...
  • Ensure adequate and proportionate participation of women in membership, leadership positions and decision making bodies of the teachers’ organization in the South Asia.
  •
  • Formation of women’s committees at various levels with constitutional status.
  • Amendments made to the constitutions to increase and ensure proper representation of women in the decision making level.
  • Constitutional provisions made to reserve 33% to 50% places for women in all decision making bodies of the unions at all levels.
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  • News
  • Activities
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  • Campaigns  
  • SAWN has been actively pursuing:
  • Awareness on basic unionism, women’s legal rights and issues such as Violence Against Women, Maternity Protection Benefits, HIV/AIDS, etc.
  • Capacity building and leadership development
  • Regular meetings of the women’s committees at various levels.
  •

          Maternity Protection Benefits-ILO Convention 183: A Manual

          Stop Violence against Women-Brochure

          Discriminatory Practices against Girl Children in Curricula


  • Maternity Protection Benefits

    on activities conducted by All India Primary Teachers’ Federation in four states namely Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Orissa and Maharashtra
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